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Tanks & Cylinders

Tarantin Industries offers the equipment and technical support you need for the transfer, delivery and storage of propane. Whether you’re looking for an entire AutoGas dispensing system or simply a 20 lb. cylinder, we offer the knowledge and tools your business needs to find the right tanks and cylinders to fit your needs. Currently, we supply Manchester and Trinity cylinders and tanks along with international DOT containers. We also stock cylinder storage cabinets, signs, decals, paint, pigtails and other propane tank accessories.

Image of a White Cylinder 20 pound propane tank.

ASME Cylinder

ASME Cylinder

White Cylinder

Steel Forklift
Cylinder 33lb.

Image of Aluminum Cylinder 33 pound propane tank. Image of White Powder Cylinder 30 pound propane tank. Image of a White Cylinder 40 pound propane tank.

Aluminum Cylinder

Aluminum Cylinder

White Powder
Cylinder 30lb.

White Cylinders

image of propane warning signs and decals image of Minute Man logo Image of Trinty Containers logo