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Which Heater is
Right For You?

image of three types of heaters.

As we approach the fall season, here at Tarantin Industries, we have a lot of different options on heaters based on your needs. I’m going to explain some of them to you today....

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A Career in the Propane Industry

image of a propane technician making notes.

In 1910, Dr. Walter Snelling discovered vapors coming from a gasoline tank on a Ford Model T which had components that could be used for multiple things such as torches and cooking. One of these components happened to be propane and here we are, the Propane Industry was created...

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Business Relationships

image of Sam Walton and a quote.

Relationships: Collins English Dictionary defines this as “The state of being connected or related. A dependence or alliance, an emotional connection between people”. In the 27 years I have been working in and around the Propane Industry I have had the privilege of working with many exceptional leaders...

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Many Uses of Propane

image of some of the uses of propane.

When it comes to propane the first, and sometimes only, use most people think of is “barbecue”. However, there are so many uses of propane and considering how much cleaner it is to power with we should really consider using it in other aspects of our daily life. How else can we use propane? Read on!...

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image of a hash tag.

Social Media, what do you know about it? If you’re a teen then, as always, you know everything. However, when you’re a bit older and have a few more grey hairs, tweets are bird noises, and this # was the “number sign.”...

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